February 13, 2015

  • Why was I so scared of the cruise this last year

    Last year I posted we were doing a cruise,   we done it been on it and it was fantastic.

    The 1st day we were at sea and I wanted to get off as not much was happening.    I enjoyed all the islands we were visited,     I enjoyed some more than others.


    We are now off on another cruise in 2016,    I did say in 2014 we will not be going to Cuba again,   but this cruise does feature Cuba and Mexico which we have not been to since 2011.

    In 2016 we will be taking in a bit of South America.


January 24, 2015

  • How many people are using Xanga these days

    Blogging on Xanga these days does not seem fun,   since Xanga nearly closed down a couple of years ago I miss the old look.

    I mean how Xanga was in 2005 when I first joined up,    2005-2013 were good years on Xanga.    The ish sites some people did not like these sites.


    People I miss on Xanga



    TheTheologiansCafe  had millions on eprops of each post,    he had a question of the day,   probably was the top eprop of the day for his post.

    There are plenty of others I use to read and no longer post on Xanga.

    I see jobs advertise that you must know how to use Facebook, Twitter etc  (what about Xanga!)    some people don't like using social sites,    I don't.     I fell out with Twitter,  got bored with Facebook in 2006 or 2007,   rarely use Facebook.

    every way you advertised about your company can make you money,       I remember when Myspace was big I so a placement where you had to use Myspace  for the company page,    what about Xanga!

    Xanga 2.0 hopefully will be big,  just needs a buyer with money to make it even better.


December 8, 2014

  • Old Xanga

    Eprops,  front page entries,  front page videos,  photos,  audio?

    When Dan TheThelogiansCafe did his web chats a long time ago that was fun,   proper Xanga.

    When I enjoyed blogging on Xanga even more so before the hype of Facebook, Twitter and Myspace making Xanga less cool.

    Those wacky stars.

    Those ish sites.


    Xanga will be hopefully around for many years to come.

November 15, 2014

  • Internet

    If the Internet was shut down tomorrow,    a lot of people will not know what to do.

    No more Facebook,   no more status updates.  (a lot of people would cry if Facebook went)

    No more tweets on Twitter

    Shopping online,    could it created more jobs if the Internet was shut down,     it will be back the high street looking at the city centre where I live will bring some different types of shops.

    Without the Internet could not download games, music, movies you have bought online

    Could not book a holiday online

    Companies will struggled if the Internet was shut down,   a lot of companies use the Internet.


    And of course no more Xanga,    which means I could not blog on this fantastic website.

November 11, 2014

  • Not much happening

    Still unemployed,    I did go for a placement interview but was unsucessfully,   possibly because I was unaware at the place has a dog (I would hide myself in the toilet even though I will never hurt a dog,   I don't like them.

    Last month I needed a lump removed from my back (because I have NF and this lump was causing me some problems catching my clothes etc)    so had it removed in hospital,   even though I was there all day the nurses and staff looked after me.

    Had some toast in the morning as I was allowed to eat something since I only have it done local (I followed the information that after a time at home I could not eat or drink)  so toast and some butter.    Afterwards I could have some more toast and some water to drink.

    Still single but always have dreams I met someone special.



October 9, 2014

  • Updates

    Look like no luck with the job I went after.

    I am looking at doing a placement and put my name forward (don't know how many other people are going down this route) to try and get back on the job ladder.


    As for Facebook I am still trying to set up a reunion

    Doing a reunion for people I went to nursery,   if I did a group thing,     how many people would I remember probably two at the most

    First school and junior school  I got more of a chance,   since 95% went onto the same secondary school,    a form reunion could be possible,  but with someone like me setting one up the chances are zero 'the weird one,  misunderstood etc.    probably now people would realise about disability more.

    no nice to make fun of people who are different.     a lot of people have grown up now their have left school,   gone on to university and finished hopefully in employment,   if their are lucky enough to be in a relationship and got married had kids etc,   even more so.


October 2, 2014

  • first job interview for a long time and also still sticking with Xanga.

    I had a job interview last week.

    It was a complete mess,   nobody was there to greet meet.    I was not even on the list.

    I did get interview for the job,   but the people had a dig at cv and my huge gap in my employment history.    Who did my CV I explained that we are unemployed for a while we have to go to places to get help.

    I was even asked about college to have something to add on my cv recent history.


    I did have a practice interview a couple of months ago on a course,  improving cv, health and safety,  office risk assignment.     My best section was what not to do with in a job inteview and what to do  (this was on another thing one to one)   the person thought I was a bit strange with some of the things I came out with what not to.

    One course I drew someone with a ballon and got asked why.    I said don't go out clubbing to the earlier hours in the morning and go in your clubbing gear straight to the interview.


    Not having a job interview in two years I thought I did quite well.

September 16, 2014

  • Cuba and Xanga

    Well been back since Saturday after having another good holiday in Cuba for the 3rd year running.

    We have decided to try somewhere different for summer 2015 or go back in Europe on holiday.

    So far we have looked at Aruba (never been)

    back to Greece since we not been since 2005 (  if we like the cruise in January) we may try a European cruise.


    Did I met in Cuba who I fancy,  maybe or maybe not,    did I dance with any female Cubans (nope)

    Did I get kiss,    cheek is how we do it,    sexy with beard one said (okay it stays on)  wait or until Sheffield Wednesday win their next match which hopefully will be tonight.

    Did we get remembered in the hotel,   we stayed in,    yes by a lot of the staff and some of the entertainment team.


    As for the job hunting,   could be better,   waiting to get in touch with an advisor who helps people with disabilities get into work (well tries)


    As for Xanga I did have a few dreams on holiday,  that the front page was different and we had Xanga 1.0 how Xanga used to be before the change.   (this was even before Facebook, Twitter and Myspace were popularly)     I did get asked do I use Facebook on holiday (as we did not have Internet access, parents said I was missing Internet access,  someone thought this meant Facebook)   I said I prefer the older stuff (meaning Xanga but did not mention Xanga.)

July 20, 2014

  • I had a dream that I met the Xanga Team

    It always amazing that when you had a dream,  you forget most of it.

    I was given a guided tour of Xanga,    it was like is a newspaper factory.     I dreamt that each had a name badge to say who there was.      I dreamt there are eight people working at Xanga.

    8 people working at Xanga in my dream.

    I cannot remember who greeted me.


    Xanga offices were big in my dreams,     even though there were 10 computer desks free.    Xanga is going to be re launch in my dreams.


    I asked all sorts of questions and did a bit of blogging on Xanga 2.0 or was it Xanga 3.0

June 22, 2014

  • left Facebook Xanga groups

    So I left both of the Xanga groups on Facebook


    It reminds me of the days of Xanga vs Myspace in 2005-2008-2009

    Facebook possibly in 2007-2011

    I have tried Google+ but cannot seem to find anybody who I know in real life (maybe not that popularly,   was never one of the popularly children in secondary school,   misunderstood,  maybe may fault some of the time)

    Same for Facebook.   I think a few people would and are looking for me on Facebook,   just out of interested what I am doing.      I am not one of these people would add everybody I went to secondary school,    even though I would dearly love to set up a form reunion in 2015 or 2020.

    I think it a lot easier now days to set up a reunion,   but past memories might hurt one or two of us,   or forgive and forgot.     Forgiven one lad who use to bully me.    often wondered what ever happened to JH, TM, AB and a few others.

    I have tried Linkedin the last few days and never understood it