July 20, 2014

  • I had a dream that I met the Xanga Team

    It always amazing that when you had a dream,  you forget most of it.

    I was given a guided tour of Xanga,    it was like is a newspaper factory.     I dreamt that each had a name badge to say who there was.      I dreamt there are eight people working at Xanga.

    8 people working at Xanga in my dream.

    I cannot remember who greeted me.


    Xanga offices were big in my dreams,     even though there were 10 computer desks free.    Xanga is going to be re launch in my dreams.


    I asked all sorts of questions and did a bit of blogging on Xanga 2.0 or was it Xanga 3.0

June 22, 2014

  • left Facebook Xanga groups

    So I left both of the Xanga groups on Facebook


    It reminds me of the days of Xanga vs Myspace in 2005-2008-2009

    Facebook possibly in 2007-2011

    I have tried Google+ but cannot seem to find anybody who I know in real life (maybe not that popularly,   was never one of the popularly children in secondary school,   misunderstood,  maybe may fault some of the time)

    Same for Facebook.   I think a few people would and are looking for me on Facebook,   just out of interested what I am doing.      I am not one of these people would add everybody I went to secondary school,    even though I would dearly love to set up a form reunion in 2015 or 2020.

    I think it a lot easier now days to set up a reunion,   but past memories might hurt one or two of us,   or forgive and forgot.     Forgiven one lad who use to bully me.    often wondered what ever happened to JH, TM, AB and a few others.

    I have tried Linkedin the last few days and never understood it

June 15, 2014

May 19, 2014

  • Xanga and the future

    So nearly one year ago we heard that Xanga could be closing and we were trying to raise the funds to move into Xanga 2.0

    I was excited to how we made the funds.

    I often wondering what will happen to Xanga in the future as we reach the 1st year of Xanga 2.0.


    How many people work at Xanga now?


    I had a dream about going on the cruise we were greeted in Spanish in one of the countries we are visiting,  I think I was being chatted up :) by one of the locals.


May 2, 2014

  • Cuba

    2014 will be the last time we probably go to Cuba on holiday

    We went to Mexico three years running in 2009,2010,2011 and Cuba 2012,2013 and now 2014 later this year.


    With my Mum retired from work at Christmas we can now changed our holiday dates round.


    Looking at doing Europe in the summer.

April 29, 2014

  • Holiday in Turkey

    Just had a week in Turkey :)    did I meet anybody (maybe a nice Turkish female)  nope

    I did not take any photos but did buy some postcards :)


    Staying at Marmaris at a hotel,   we went to Marmaris for the day a while ago when we to Greece, Rhodes for holiday,  it has changed Marmaris cannot remember the part we went to for the day since it was a long time ago.

    We went to Icmeler for the day as well (well for a few hours,    there was a market,  but because it seem beginning of the season,  not much happening)

    Thinking about going back to Turkey in 2015  but looks like back to Greece for the 1st time since 2005.


March 10, 2014

  • What is happening with Xanga?

    Xanga has certainly changed since last year,   when it was announced it was close to closing,     we had the fun raising to save Xanga.

    Is there any word for the Xanga Team about updates.       Xanga should have been in the news about re-launching as Xanga 2.0.

    I miss a lot of Xangans who I used to read,  who probably want to blog on Xanga and cannot do so.

    I know there is F***book but this has changed a lot.


    As for mu health worries I have joined another CBT group,  a group session,     still worrying a lot about the big c word.


March 4, 2014

  • updates

    So my health anxiety is still about the same,   very high.    but going to another place to help me.

    Job search job,   a new place.

    Over the next few entries I will tell you a few places

    Barbados in one of the places we are visiting as is our starting point,       if we could have done it we would have included Aruba but this would have been a longer cruise :)

    Don’t worry I behave myself,    parents will not try and marry me of to one of the crew :) or one of the females on one of the islands :)


February 20, 2014

  • Cruise is on

    So we are doing the cruise in 2015.   It will be different a number of islands we are visiting.

    We tried to pick some of the places we have not been to before.

    I am a little bit worried since I have not been on a cruise before,   also some of the places I am little bit scared of visiting.

February 8, 2014

  • many thanks for your words

    Those who have been following me over the last 16 months,    have seen me blog about my concerns with my own going abdominal pain.    My latest tests/scan shows I have nothing serious wrong/.   I really feared bowel cancer even though the last shown a small possible of what there thought was a small pouch on the small bowel which may have needed keyhole.


    I don’t need keyhole as there is nothing inside the pouch,  cannot remember what my specialist said to me.    there are please that I went ahead with these scans to find out if there was a problem.

    I don’t think I wasted GPs and specialist time,     as I found it nothing is wrong